Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2 for Tuesday

My first 2 for Tuesday! I'm SO excited!

My two products I chose are two of my favorites.

Being an Upper Elementary teacher (5th grade Language Arts and Social Studies, to be more accurate), there's such a big emphasis placed on testing.

Yes, it stinks.

But does that mean students can't practice for the inevitable in creative ways?

This was the inspiration behind much of my store, but also these two products in particular. One I slashed down to a dollar, and one is a flash freebie until tonight! 

I just love these. I truly believe in letting my students really get to know me, and having my interests inspire many of the ways we learn things. For example, it is well known that I love One Direction. Even though the 5th graders think they're too cool for it, they get intrigued to learn about each band member (obviously this packet was made before the Zayn drama!) once they hear how excited I am. Besides, with many of my too-cool boys in mind, I purposely added facts like which band member has the grossest feet, who passes the most gas, and who shaved off another band member's eyebrow right before a music video shoot. 

It really is perfect test practice...but in an actual fun way. There is a passage about each member, as well as a recording sheet to work on context clues. Each passage has four underlined words. Students have to find the word, infer what they think the word means, and identify what clues in the passage they found to make that inference.

I find it better to also work on that kind of format of context clues -- having the kids think about what clues they used. I often see test questions like this, "Which of the following phrases from the passage helped the reader understand what the word ______ meant?" This activity really helped my kids' confidence. Like, seriously.

Because I want some feedback on these passages, I'm having a flash freebie until tonight. Please go here and check it out! I hope you love it as much as my kiddos did.

And this. Oh, I love this.

At the beginning of the school year, we talk about 1) how our Reading Notebook is truly a tool and 2) how strategies make us become careful, better readers that won't get tricked by tests.

This is my favorite activity to teach both of these at the beginning of the school year. And what better way to do so than with Batman?

I shrink the strategies poster, the passage and the questions, and we glue all of them in our Reading Notebook. We talk about the strategies on the poster. We practice the strategies on our passage. And then we answer the questions using our strategies.

This does two things:
1) It gets us in the habit of automatically using strategies to do our personal best.
2) We now have a resource in our journal to reference for the first few weeks after that when we ask, "What strategies do we need to do?" It's so easy when the teacher gets to respond, "Go look in your notebook."

This lovely activity is discounted to just a dollar. Please check it out!

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