Friday, June 26, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Dare to Dream

I'm just LOVING that the second week of the Teachers Pay Teachers challenge is all about dreaming. I'm such a list-oriented person and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than checking something off and getting a task completed - whether it's an item on a grocery list or a large goal that I planned out.

That said, how exciting it is to think about and pinpoint my goals as a Teachers Pay Teachers seller. Although I've created many lists in terms of things to accomplish over a summer, recipes I want to try, and overall health and fitness goals, I've never thought about what I want to achieve through this tiny store of mine.

And thank goodness I'm getting a kick in the rear to do so, as few things will motivate me more than dreaming big and identifying what I need to do to get there -- which Lord knows I need, as I feel like I haven't touched my store in quite a while.

Drum roll, please!

1.) I think this one's pretty obvious. Being in my early twenties (I'm in denial that 25 counts as "late"), I'm still relatively new to this whole real world thing. And, like any good adult, I try my best to invest in my future and put some money away each month for my savings. Which I do, but my savings are no where near I'd like them to be. TPT can help me change that.

2.) I absolutely love to travel. Once I survived finished my first year of teaching, I became so appreciative of our teaching schedules (thank you, school district, for a week off for Thanksgiving!) and decided to make a goal of seeing three new places a year. While this is a direct correlation as to why my savings account isn't super padded, I truly believe in prioritizing in new experiences.

3.) While I'm little over halfway there, I'd love to make a goal of having 50 products in my store by 2016. I feel that it can be a little more difficult to find things for 5th grade Language Arts and Social Studies (although there are some absolutely amazing sellers out there!) because often times the products are very cute but with little substance, or just not super engaging for big, bad fifth graders. I want to be inspired to really get my booty in gear and make a handful of new products, especially now that I'm entering my third year of teaching and know the curriculum fairly well! 

4.) I love to practice yoga and swim in order to destress. To really be held accountable (and truly reap the benefits), I need a good yoga studio, and an actual swim team. Neither are cheap, and I find myself making excuses not to do these two activities in order to save money for #1. I would love to be able to join a yoga studio and a swim team, without worrying about the monthly fees. I truly aspire to find more balance this year between school and home.

5.) An odd goal, but I would love my own study. Right now I've made a makeshift work area on my dining room table, but I really want an actual room dedicated to me reading, blogging, grading, or creating. I'm always so envious when I catch posts on Instagram of decorated and organized desk areas, complete with full bookshelves and cozy couches. It's a serious life goal!

Feeling very thankful for a blog hop to inspire me to think of my goals, and for a summer off to start tackling this list. :) Excited to read everyone else's goals!

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your first year of teaching!! That's huge! Enjoy the rest and relaxation that summer brings, and best of luck with your goals!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom