Saturday, June 27, 2015

Weekend Warriors: 3-2-1 Teacher Bio

Hi y'all!

Very excited to join up for this month's Weekend Warriors.

Now for a 3-2-1 about me!

1.) When I read this article, I just adored it because it fit me to a tee (except, I'm not so sure about #8). 

Other than feeling like sometimes I purposely go the "long way" to avoid conversation and totally being against phone calls, I so agree with feeling like my best around kids. I'm just a totally different person around my kiddos! I never overthink anything with them, I'm loud, and any love I give them is always reciprocated. I will be the first to say that eleven year-olds are my favorite people ever. :)

Oh, and MY LORD, you better not expect me to do anything crazy over the weekend. That's totally my blessed recharge time. 

2.) My decorated room is my baby. 

Excuse the random tools, but you get the idea.

Framed quotes found here and here

I just LOVE August, because that's when I get to go unpack, organize, and decorate. I'm very, very picky about keeping everything ornamental in my room limited to turquoise, yellow, gray, white, and black. In other words, I'm that annoying teacher that if you ask me, "Hey, I have a free ______. Do you want it?" I always reply, "Depends, what color is it?"

3.) I could never, ever teach a grade younger than 5th. I just love the kids and curriculum in the "bigger" grades! In fact, if I ever want to change things up, I'll look into moving to Language Arts in middle school. I even put on my resume when I was first looking for a job right out of college that I'd love to teach "the awkward years." ;)

1.) I love food. Like, food is my happy place (luckily I know I also need long dog walks, swimming, and yoga to destress or I'd be in baaaaaad business). I love cooking at night. I love spending an evening menu planning for the following week. I cannot travel without snacks. I have the largest, most absurd lunch box and I love packing lunches. I love doing some meal prep on Sundays. I absolutely adore going to the largest HEB in the area every Saturday morning, early. I love making a special trip to specialty grocery stores to ask their cheese recommendations (I try to have cheese and crackers for dinner every Thursday night). I love baking bread, I own way too many crockpots, and I'm just a bit high maintenance about knives and Pyrex storage containers. If I find that I have some extra spending money, I sign up for cooking classes and during the summer, I teach cooking to past students. I. Love. Food.

My name's Haley and I have a problem. ;)

2.) I totally pick out my clothes for the week, no shame. It makes me happy and it makes my mornings so easy. 

I even had a bar installed in my room just specifically for my "picked-out" outfits, based on the following Pinterest picture.

Aaaaand I'm pretty sure I wrote my college application essay on how I like to play dress-up, picking out clothes. No shame.

Lastly, I have a goal of seeing three new places a year, but I wanted a bucket list item that was something a bit different. I have a fancy Canon camera and I'd love to really learn how to use it and edit photos. I think it'd be so fun to learn to take those really precious family pictures as a fun hobby on the side and, possibly, as a small business.

And, because I couldn't just narrow it down to one item, I also want to own a small camper one day to explore the United States on small weekend trips on long road trips. 

Whew! That's my 3-2-1. Thanks so much for the fun linky! xox


  1. First of all, your blog and classroom are ADORABLE!! I am completely an introverted teacher. I hide out in my room to avoid awkward conversations. I am always the first one out of a meeting so I can recharge in my classroom, but if I'm really close to you I am totally a talker!! I definitely need to add owning a camper to by bucket list because my husband loves to camp and I prefer... GLAMping!!

    1. Oh my word, we're the same person! And yes to GLAMping! <3

  2. Your classroom is adorable! I am the same way about colors repeating throughout the space. I love that you pick out your outfits for the week. So smart! It would be great to know how to use an actual camera and create the beautiful pictures you talked about! Those cameras scare me, so I use my phone for just about everything. Haha! Thank you so much for linking up with us for Weekend Warriors this month!

    Primarily Speaking

  3. So jealous that you can pick out weekly outfits. I'm totally a mood dresser, so I have to pick out outfits each morning. :)
    Photography sounds like a fun 2nd career. I love taking architectural photos.

  4. OMG I totally agree with everything you wrote. I am completely introverted and still pick out my clothes before work. BUT I won't teach anything ABOVE 5th grade. I LOVE the littles, silly as they are. I have middle schoolers at home and I am happy to send them to school in the morning. :)

  5. Oh my, teaching 5th graders scares me so much! I must prefer the littles. Thank goodness for teachers like you who love the upper grades! Your classroom is beautiful! Thanks for sharing a little about yourself and linking up with us today!
    Always Kindergarten

  6. I admire you. Big kids scare me. I much prefer the little guys. You have a fantastic looking classroom. Thank you for giving us a peek of who you are and linking up with us this month.
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  7. I was such an introvert from the age of 12 and on. I'm nervously shy around new people, but in the classroom it is also a different story! I'm less introverted now and I owe that to my teaching career. LOVE your colour scheme! Clean and bright. :) I wish I would start planning out my outfits a week in advance! I did that one week and my morning went so much smoother. I hope you get to open your photography business!

    ♥ Stephanie
    Fishing for Education Blog

  8. Your classroom is adorable!! I love that you pick out your outfits for the week. I spend so much time in the morning trying to figure out what to wear! Thanks for linking up with us!!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  9. Loved getting to know a little about you! Your classroom set up is so adorable! Great color scheme! Thanks so much for linking up with us! We hope to see you again next month!

  10. Haley, your classroom is absolutely adorable! I love all of it. You can definitely tell you put a lot of time and effort into it. Your kiddos are lucky to have you! That's a great idea to have a bar to hang your clothes for the week, makes for an effortless morning. I should try that!

  11. So fun to learn so much about you, Haley! Your classroom is gorgeous, I need that bar in my closet (if only I had a big closet!) and I had to look up HEB because as a Californian, I've never heard of it!!

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First

  12. I adore your classroom. It looks like such a great prepped canvas for learning. I thought I wanted to be a middle school English teacher, but kind of stumbled my way into kindergarten and now I can't imagine being anywhere else. But the important thing is you and I can totally be foodie friends, especially on cheese and cracker Thursdays!