Friday, July 24, 2015

Five for Friday: July 24

Welcome to my first Five for Friday!
Super excited to join.

Ummm, this is NOT a drill!

Mr. Sketch Markers are on sale on Amazon for less than FIVE bucks!! Click link to see for yourself! I totally stocked up - they're my favorite markers to grade with. 

I love this time of year where I feel like I'm constantly checking Amazon for random deals on favorite school supplies. 

Finally starting to really tackle that BTS to do list. 

First up, Tidy Tub labels that matched my decor! You can grab the freebie here

Now I'm just itching to get into my classroom to assemble the tubs!

My super cool sister is moving to NYC and I got the chance to go with her and my mom this past week to help apartment shop.

It was SUCH a fun trip and it makes my sister seem even cooler now that I know what the city she's moving to is actually like. Makes me appreciate Texas!

Don't get me wrong, the food was incredible.

Um, new obsession with chopped salads.

And, visiting some SATC stops were definitely a highlight.

Finallyyyyy posted a reading passage I wrote awhile back to get my lovies reviewing some important terminology, and had us working on putting our question in our responses. Check it out here! I'd love to know what you think about the posters... or the strange story itself.

(What is it about fifth graders that make them only remember stuff when it's hilarious, strange, or scary?)

Lord knows I have a ton of finish products on my computer... they're just so far from being "TPT-ready." Am I right?

Aaaaaaand I got my new car this week.



  1. I love the deal on the Mr. Sketch markers! I just love using them for interactive writing. I love your new car too!

    Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas

  2. Lucky you on the Mr. Sketch deal. I just checked and it's now close to $7. (still a deal. . . debating whether I should get them as team gifts!).

    My Bright Blue House

  3. Thanks for sharing the deal on the Mr. Sketch markers! I have heard so much about them, so I will have to get some. I'm sure my students will love them! Congrats on your new car!

    Teaching in the Tropics