Saturday, August 8, 2015

Our Teaching Tribe August Challenge

I'm joining up with Our Teaching Tribe to talk about two great products! I've really enjoyed not only meeting Mandy, but also Louise

Yes, I was fortunate enough to review two great products. Christmas came early!

First off, the darling and precious Mandy of Caffeine and Lesson Plans is AMAZING. She was in the middle of making a new product and let me be the first to see it. Like Mandy, I teach American History in 5th grade and I'm SO excited I can tap into her amazing creativity. 

Long story short, her Road to the Revolution is incredible.

This was seriously a labor of love. She's included a great project to assess our kiddos' understanding of the American Revolution, easy-to-grade rubrics, and answer keys to make our authentic grading even easier.

Can you tell how excited I am to implement this in my classroom?


I'm always looking for better ways to make my History instruction more hands-on and engaging. And Mandy seriously made that possible for my American Revolution unit.

Here's just a sample page that I ADORE. 

I don't know about you, but I feel like with emphasis on testing in reading, sometimes Writing and Social Studies can get put on the back burner. 

Her project gives my kids so much practice and exposure with referencing texts and writing in complete sentences (as well as a good review with citing text evidence). I could also see this totally working on our research standards.

I just love when products hit cross-curricular standards.

It's SO good. 

And have I mentioned she is just the sweetest to collaborate with? I cannot wait to make her my new Insta/Blogging BFF. 

Speaking of new BFFs, I was so happy to get paired with TWO people. Next up, is the amazing Louise of Mrs. E's Literature Daydreams.

Guys. She's in LONDON.

SO cool. 

She was just so precious to talk to.

Although she mainly deals with older kids (like, through high school age), she thought my 5th graders would love the creepy story of Ruthless

I could SO see my kiddos being really into this.

I would LOVE to use it around state testing time to review inferencing, critical thinking, and context clues (for those bigger, unfamiliar words)... especially since the story itself would really engage the kids in a time where moral really isn't sky high.

Or, it'd be GREAT to engage the kids near the end of the year when the fifth graders think they've seen it all and that they're big, bad middle schoolers. 

I just love that fifth graders love anything creepy, strange, or gross.

Thank you ladies for letting me peek through (and plan with!) such amazing products.

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  1. I love history products ! They are just so rare and few . I agree that I too will be excited to implement this in my class . What a great unit ! Thanks for joining the blog hop .

  2. Two great products & a great review!

  3. <3 You are too sweet! I'm so glad I was paired with you, new blog BFF! :)

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

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