Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Room Reveal 2015!

Hi y'all!

Welcome to my classroom tour.

With it being my THIRD year of teaching and finallyyyy ironing out some kinks in my past classroom design, I'm SO happy with how this year's set up came to be!

First you'll notice my love for the yellow/turquoise/gray combo. 

I know there can be some controversy regarding room decor, but my philosophy is if I have to spend the majority of my time in a space, it needs to be a space that I find both pretty and functional.

You know?

Also, you'll see I'm a huge fan of assigning kids their "own" chair. It surprisingly eliminates the whine of "So-and-so took my chairrrrrrr!"

Plus it allows for the reminder of, "Um, please don't take scissors or pencils to your chair, because I'll know it actually was you who did it."

Above is a glimpse of my "Hall of Fame" wall. I keep an envelope of really special notes and memories for each year... really is a great thing to have on those horrible days.


The Hall of Fame is a place where I hang suuuuper special momentos from the previous year. 

My current batch of kids always love peeking at who previously held Ms. L's heart...

...and, let's be honest, they see where the bar is set as far as love note-standards go.


Bless Ikea Book Boxes. 

They're five for $2.

And fairly cheap on Amazon.

But, more importantly...

They are my LIFE.

When each kiddo is assigned a classroom number (I have two classes), they get a book box for their Language Arts and Social Studies things.

Easy peasy.

{Not sure how you feel about book boxes? Grab my number labels for FREE below!}

Now my teaching things (ranging from games, read alouds, laminated texts, task cards, etc) are sorted in boxes by topic, month, or season.

It's my happy place.

You can see more about that here.

 I try to keep the area by my document camera pretty clear and neat. I'm trying out my teacher toolbox here since beforehand it was by the sink.

AKA it was nasty.

Speaking of the sink area, here you'll see my cookie sheet boards... well as my too-many mugs.


Yes, these labels are EVERYWHERE.

 I find it imperative to label everything not only so that my kiddos can really start to feel ownership of their classroom, but also because it's the starting block for fostering independence in my fifth graders.

You can find those labels HERE.

Yes, I have a phone prompt for kiddos to answer the phone.

We have to have a conversation about HOW to answer a phone POLITELY.

My word.

Also, I have some paper, pens, and student phone numbers below the phone. 

These Ikea drawers are my life saver.

They serve as my turn in drawers for my morning and afternoon classes, my drawers to hold copies/supplies for each day's lessons, and my place to keep extra copies for redos and absent kiddos.

Can't wait for our mini lesson area to be full again!

I keep most of my boards pretty blank for now -- I'm just leaving them ready for student work and anchor charts. 


Yes, we have a specific spot for Lost and Found.

You wouldn't believe the number of headaches this spot cured.

My small Early Finisher board with activties only has one set of task cards right now, my History Books shelf is empty, and my Pickle and Ketchup board is blank.

I'll slowly integrate those things. I can't have my new lovies overwhelmed!

And yes, those chairs are labeled "table chairs."

I had lots of chairs walk away my first year when they weren't labeled...

My favorite quotes to promote a kind classroom environment found here. Aren't they cute printed in black and white? 

Again, thank you Ikea. Your Trofast drawers are sublime for housing our weekly review stations, our early finisher activities, and my teacher items to cut/laminate/grade/file {coughcoughHEAVENcoughcough}.

{Labels found HERE}

 Items stored for the Ketchup portion of Pickle and Ketchup (like, task cards they didn't finish, or a book they need to finish an activity from earlier in the week) stored in the bucket on the right.

 Library days and group colors kept on pizza pans!

Love how easy it is to say "Yellow group to the table!" or "Gray group line up first!" Plus, it's so nice that the kids are assigned a library day to go independently every week. 

Also mailboxes, small anchor charts, and big anchor charts.

Class lists will be hung on the window so kids can file papers to go home. 


Soon to be filled with papers to distribute in mailboxes!

Some pickle activities and supplies found a new home when we lost that middle shelf.

 Here you'll see our trash buckets, or tidy tubs, amongst some special gifts from students. I think Tidy Tubs are SUCH a lifesaver for interactive notebooks -- I assign the job of CAREFULLY grabbing the tubs and placing them on tables for scraps of paper to only very responsible kiddos.

I totally have on my to do list to upgrade the Tidy Tub labels with my new ones

Click the link or the picture below to grab my new Tidy Tub labels for free.

I just adore community supplies. I won't go back to everyone-has-their-own-baggie-of-supplies. 

I just love my mini anchor chart area. For now, I have my favorite quotes hanging, but I mainly wanted to keep this area a blank canvas for all our upcoming learning. It's so easy to switch out small anchor charts depending on what we're doing in class.

Quotes found here.

It feels SO good to have this space come together!

So ready to visit the homes of my new class tomorrow. LOVE that my school enforces home visits before the first day of school. It's one of my favorite days of the year.

Thank you for touring my room!


  1. Everything looks so great!! Love the colors! Did you paint the cabinets to match? And I love all of your lettering!!

  2. Love your color theme!! Everything looks amazing. Thanks for sharing you space with us. ;)

  3. Wow! Love your color scheme and organization. You will love your classroom this year!

    My Bright Blue House

  4. Your classroom is beautiful... The colors make it so cheerful and welcoming!
    Best wishes for a GREAT year!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  5. Wow! Your classroom is just gorgeous!!!! And so well organized! I found you on Instagram and then your blog. Your room colors are my favorite colors! This year though, I was a sucker for the Target Dollar Spot and have all things COLORFUL! Couldn't resist! Also- love the idea for trash bins. That's always such a pain when we do ISNs.

  6. Also- did you make some of your own bulletin boards? Just curious bc I think I will be needing to do that this year!