Sunday, September 13, 2015

Five for Sunday

I made a goal to actually jump on the Five for Friday party this year.

But then the first few weeks of school about did me in.

(Does anyone else out there spend the first few weeks wondering where last year's trained students went? Whew. Getting into a groove with a new group of kiddos puts me into a panic every year. Am I the only one?)

So here I am, on Sunday, joining the shindig.

Happy Five for Sunday!

I have become such a bonafide Angela Watson fan. I devoured Unshakeable on an airplane, enamored by Angela's reassurance and positivity. 

(PS If you have not read it, it's a quick read! A must read for teachers.)

But I must say, I'm so happy I stumbled upon her article about teaching in September. 

Read it if you needed the pick-me-up that I did. Every paragraph had me smiling. Thank you, Angela!

Being a teacher with a wide variety of needs in the classroom (what teacher isn't?), I like to find new ways to practice and review vocabulary.

Also being in a classroom with a wide variety of needs, I like to incorporate experiences to both practice social skills and build classroom community in my lessons whenever possible.

This week I taught one of my favorite ways to achieve all of this.


 Brace yourself for how hard the prep for this activity is.

You buy Jenga.

(I've found the generic version of the game at dollar stores as well so that I can make multiple versions of this game without having to take out a loan.)

You find a Sharpie.

You write one vocabulary term on each Jenga block.


I have the kids say the vocabulary term whenever they safely pull out a block.

They pretty much think it's the best thing ever. 

And I'm happy because ALL of my learners are reviewing vocabulary.

Anyone else love teaching Conflict?

We took some notes to talk about vs. self, vs. character, vs. nature, vs. society, and vs. supernatural.

We read The Day the Crayons Quit to discuss vs. character.

And of course, to keep fifth graders totally engaged, we watched Alma and read Tailypo to discuss character vs. supernatural. 

The kids totally rocked Teaching with a Mountain View's Conflict Task Cards after all our review!


They say publishing things holds you accountable.

So here goes.

When I'm not teaching or doing all things teacher-y, I'm most likely doing something with food. 

And I got really upset last year when I realized I was too tired to go through my thousands (yes, seriously, thousands) of saved recipes to figure out what I wanted to eat for the week.

So, I cooked the same two things every weekend (pinto beans and broccoli cheese soup) and ate Sonic, kolaches, or Mexican food the rest of the week. And I remained sad that I wasn't doing what I loved: COOKING!

My big goal this summer was to change that.

I vowed to menu plan once a month and to only eat out on special occasions. 

This summer, I did great.

It was so much fun, cooking every night again and trying new recipes.

And, four weeks into school, the goal still sticks.

If you want, check out my Instagram and my menu plan (the blog where I document what I want to make when) for more food.

Speaking of food, Number 5 is short.

I'm obsessed with meal prepping on Sundays.

And that includes making my adult lunchables.

(Anyone else an all day snacker? I just leave a container on my desk and graze all day long. No shame.)

Happy Sunday, y'all!

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