Friday, October 16, 2015

Five for Friday 10/16

Hi y'all!

Welcome to my week!
It was a tad crazy with Picture Day and Indoor Recess and subs (oh my!), but I smile thinking at all the progress we've made since the beginning of school.

Progress, not perfection, friends!

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In my effort to continuously strive to recognize all the AMAZING things happening in our room, I started a VIP table this week! I bought some cool supplies (like, smelly markers and twistable crayons) and some seat cushions for the table before talking to the kids about expectations.

We talked about if you have a love letter written to you at the front of the room, you have access to the VIP table for that class period. My two classes loved it! And I loveeee spending the first few minutes after school writing my love letters for the next day. It ends the day on SUCH a good note!

Plus I've already had kids talk about how they hung their note up in their room. :)

 Snag the freebie printable I use to send love notes to my kids HERE!

 All I'm going to say is it's October, and this freebie has been saving my behind making test prep more, ahem, disguised.

Anyone else do this activity?

So much fun to introduce that "strange word schema," as my fifthies put it.

We talked about Pioneer Woman cookbooks, five chapsticks, a Sonic receipt ("Ms. L asks for extra ice!!"), a University of Texas dog jersey, and swim equipment.

Buuuuuuuuuut, it's all fun and games until you find the pictures of you setting up for the lesson. 

Regrets: teaching the fifthies how to use the class camera.


I totally plan ahead on food.

It makes life that much easier for me.

And easier to avoid daily Sonic runs.

(Picture from my Instagram - let's be friends!)

I love making my adult "lunchables" on Sundays. 

Like, every Sunday.

And I love planning my weekly meals for the week. I document it online, if you want to peek. I find that I'm much more chill if I make time to cook and eat good food.

It's my favorite way to decompress from school.

Except for swimming, of course.

Because sometimes, not even food can get that one thing out of my head. 

It's my continuous quest to be that balanced teacher. ;)

 And lastly, my drawers wanted to remind you --

Today's Fri-YAY!

(Bottom six drawers are how I organize my copies. The top two drawers are how my Morning and Afternoon class turn in assignments. Labels found HERE. Full classroom tour HERE.)

Happy weekend, y'all!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Five for Friday 10/2

Can't wait to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my first Five for Friday on an ACTUAL Friday! 

I just love October - not only is it Fall and I'm getting thissssss much closer to wearing leggings, but school is starting to hit more of a groove. In other words, I can actually link up on Friday!

So excited to actually share some not-so-stellar details about Columbus with my fifthies! I just finished this pack to practice context clues and paragraph writing and I can't wait to photograph it in action!

Anyone else love to use Pixar Shorts as formative assessments and minilessons for fiction?

Our favorites have been Partly Cloudy, Tin Toy, and For the Birds.

Uploading this pack soon! 

It's been an amazing way to see who totally gets a concept and who needs some small group time. 

We've been doing a Book a Day Challenge (inspired by the incredible Literacy for Big Kids) and I'm IN LOVE. I've challenged myself to use at least one read aloud a day to introduce, review, or check in on a concept. Afterwards, a picture of the cover gets hung in the hallway (we're displaying our goal of reading 120 books in the hallway) and the book gets put on our Read Aloud shelf.

Our shelf is starting to overflow! 
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I love our hallway bulletin. I won't have to take anything down until the end of the year! The kids love seeing the covers and reminiscing on "that one time we read that." ;)

Also, I love this read aloud quote that I've hung amongst our covers. Nothing like research to back up the Book a Day Challenge!

For those that want to nab the quote, find it here!

We did SO great at working hard during fiction, that we did a brain break to learn about drawing Pigeon! It was such a hit --- even with my "big, bad" fifth graders!

We followed step by step - and made several Pigeons so that we could see with more practice, we could get better and better. AKA I was trying to expand on our Growth Mindset chat we had earlier. ;)

Aaaaand then a mom emailed me this photo late last night to say her son was teaching the whole family at dinner how to draw Pigeon.


I love parent emails like that.

And to take my lunch making obsession to the next level, I've found the perfect containers for me to premake some lunches on Sundays. 

AKA I've found a new happy place.

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I totally post every week my lunch packs.

It helps me remember what I actually like to eat in my lunches.

Because nothing's worse than bringing food to school that I hypothetically liked, but actually wont touch.

Ahem, those carrot sticks.

Anyone else out there a picky eater?
I eat like a five year old.

And, I shamelessly snack alllllll day.

Happy October!

So excited to link up with Farley for another Currently!!

Anyone else DVR SATC? I think I've watched at least 1 episode every weekday since I was a senior in high school. That's like sevenish years of dedication, y'all! It's totally how I unwind. 

I had a tough week the other week and treated myself to this mug.


Yeah, I'm obsessed. Sarah's Etsy store is just gorgeous and I'm thrilled to say my sister, best friend, and I are taking her calligraphy class in November. #pumped

I need to be better about getting in the habit of swimming and doing yoga. The BF and I had a talk last night about how I can't let teaching consume me, ha! I felt great the few times I've committed to swimming or going to a yoga class after school, and my goal this week (even with conferences starting - eeeek!) is to get back to that.

(That one time that trying yoga at home failed. PS Let's be friends on Instagram! I post all about food and fifth grade.)

Anyone else struggle with the balance? I totally miss the busy when it's summer, but during the school year it's hard for me to think of anything but school!

QUESO! Always. 
Luckily a wedding I'm in tomorrow night will have a fajita buffet and I'm looking forward to that. Like immense amounts. 

Some football! The Longhorns have been playing horribly (#bitter) but my happy place is totally when football is on, candles are lit, and a crockpot is going. I just adore fall! Now if only some creative bug would bite me so I could do some creating during the games...

Totally after a pedicure! I'm pretty basic in that sense.