Friday, October 16, 2015

Five for Friday 10/16

Hi y'all!

Welcome to my week!
It was a tad crazy with Picture Day and Indoor Recess and subs (oh my!), but I smile thinking at all the progress we've made since the beginning of school.

Progress, not perfection, friends!

(See the post HERE on my Instagram - let's be friends!)

In my effort to continuously strive to recognize all the AMAZING things happening in our room, I started a VIP table this week! I bought some cool supplies (like, smelly markers and twistable crayons) and some seat cushions for the table before talking to the kids about expectations.

We talked about if you have a love letter written to you at the front of the room, you have access to the VIP table for that class period. My two classes loved it! And I loveeee spending the first few minutes after school writing my love letters for the next day. It ends the day on SUCH a good note!

Plus I've already had kids talk about how they hung their note up in their room. :)

 Snag the freebie printable I use to send love notes to my kids HERE!

 All I'm going to say is it's October, and this freebie has been saving my behind making test prep more, ahem, disguised.

Anyone else do this activity?

So much fun to introduce that "strange word schema," as my fifthies put it.

We talked about Pioneer Woman cookbooks, five chapsticks, a Sonic receipt ("Ms. L asks for extra ice!!"), a University of Texas dog jersey, and swim equipment.

Buuuuuuuuuut, it's all fun and games until you find the pictures of you setting up for the lesson. 

Regrets: teaching the fifthies how to use the class camera.


I totally plan ahead on food.

It makes life that much easier for me.

And easier to avoid daily Sonic runs.

(Picture from my Instagram - let's be friends!)

I love making my adult "lunchables" on Sundays. 

Like, every Sunday.

And I love planning my weekly meals for the week. I document it online, if you want to peek. I find that I'm much more chill if I make time to cook and eat good food.

It's my favorite way to decompress from school.

Except for swimming, of course.

Because sometimes, not even food can get that one thing out of my head. 

It's my continuous quest to be that balanced teacher. ;)

 And lastly, my drawers wanted to remind you --

Today's Fri-YAY!

(Bottom six drawers are how I organize my copies. The top two drawers are how my Morning and Afternoon class turn in assignments. Labels found HERE. Full classroom tour HERE.)

Happy weekend, y'all!!


  1. Love the stuff you posted...super creative! I'm a big fan of meal planning/prepping ahead as well!

  2. Your adult 'lunchables' look great! I definitely need to get some ideas before we head to the shop in a bit to plan my lunches for the week - especially now the weather is getting colder! Love your VIP scheme!

    Teaching Autism

  3. saw your lunch pics on instagram earlier this week and love it! where do you get your little lunch box and do you get everything for school lunch ready a week ahead of time? that sounds like great idea as i have no energy to make anything decent every single morning!

  4. What a great list! I regularly make my own granola, crackers (great use for nut pulp!), nut milks, nut butter, kombucha, hummus, dressings, and pesto. I have tried to make yogurt a few times but haven’t gotten it quite right, yet. Yeast breads intimidate me for some reason, though I made my own english muffins once last year! I will definitely be bookmarking this list and making some of these (ketchup!) very soon. Access the Dark Web Deep Web stories Deep Web Reddit Links Deep Web Browsers