Friday, October 2, 2015

Five for Friday 10/2

Can't wait to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my first Five for Friday on an ACTUAL Friday! 

I just love October - not only is it Fall and I'm getting thissssss much closer to wearing leggings, but school is starting to hit more of a groove. In other words, I can actually link up on Friday!

So excited to actually share some not-so-stellar details about Columbus with my fifthies! I just finished this pack to practice context clues and paragraph writing and I can't wait to photograph it in action!

Anyone else love to use Pixar Shorts as formative assessments and minilessons for fiction?

Our favorites have been Partly Cloudy, Tin Toy, and For the Birds.

Uploading this pack soon! 

It's been an amazing way to see who totally gets a concept and who needs some small group time. 

We've been doing a Book a Day Challenge (inspired by the incredible Literacy for Big Kids) and I'm IN LOVE. I've challenged myself to use at least one read aloud a day to introduce, review, or check in on a concept. Afterwards, a picture of the cover gets hung in the hallway (we're displaying our goal of reading 120 books in the hallway) and the book gets put on our Read Aloud shelf.

Our shelf is starting to overflow! 
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I love our hallway bulletin. I won't have to take anything down until the end of the year! The kids love seeing the covers and reminiscing on "that one time we read that." ;)

Also, I love this read aloud quote that I've hung amongst our covers. Nothing like research to back up the Book a Day Challenge!

For those that want to nab the quote, find it here!

We did SO great at working hard during fiction, that we did a brain break to learn about drawing Pigeon! It was such a hit --- even with my "big, bad" fifth graders!

We followed step by step - and made several Pigeons so that we could see with more practice, we could get better and better. AKA I was trying to expand on our Growth Mindset chat we had earlier. ;)

Aaaaand then a mom emailed me this photo late last night to say her son was teaching the whole family at dinner how to draw Pigeon.


I love parent emails like that.

And to take my lunch making obsession to the next level, I've found the perfect containers for me to premake some lunches on Sundays. 

AKA I've found a new happy place.

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I totally post every week my lunch packs.

It helps me remember what I actually like to eat in my lunches.

Because nothing's worse than bringing food to school that I hypothetically liked, but actually wont touch.

Ahem, those carrot sticks.

Anyone else out there a picky eater?
I eat like a five year old.

And, I shamelessly snack alllllll day.


  1. ok, first of all, i want to leave my babies and move to 5th grade again so I can do amazing things like you are with great read aloud texts! so happy to see big kid teachers using amazing books to teach! second thing...i'm loving your lunch pics and heading to follow you on instagram! can you stop by my house on sundays and pack some for me too?

    1. You are the sweetest!! I just love finding new Instagram teacher friends. And I'm so loving how much my fifth graders like being read to!

  2. HALEY! Where does one get these lunch packs? I hate the rubbermaid ones I bought. They are so flimsy. :( What is in the mason jars? #noseymcnosersonhere :)