Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Goals and Plans

This poor blog hasn't been written in since NOVEMBER! Holy buckets, y'all. Although I loveeeee December, it seems as though I just give up on every ambition EVER and merely survive. Throw my formal observation in there too and I'm DONE.

Which is why I'm just tickled PINK to see that this month's #2getherwearebetter series is dedicated to GOALS! This teacher needed to set some goals to tackle after the whirlwind last few months. 

I think in years past I've made goals for myself that never stick, probably because the goals are either 1) unrealistic or 2) not me. Like, "Stay up until 11:00 to get more done! Become a night owl! Sleep when you're dead!" Um, no. This girl will forever be in bed by 9:00. (But up by 5AM, if that's any consolation.)

Over break, I got to thinking.

I do not know why, but when TPT posted the above post over the summer, I screenshot it. I wondered, if someone were to ask what I love, what would I say? Obviously loved ones, teaching, and food (I cook ALL the time), but what else could I say? I love yoga, swimming, traveling, hand lettering, red wine, and reading (among other things), but I don't feel I do each consistently enough to not feel like a phony. 

That thinking is what fueled this year's goals!

Okay, boring goal first.

I'm not bad with money, per se. I put some in savings each month, and I spend less than I make. 

But I could be better. I turn 26 this year, after all. Seems about time to stop having these moments:

 Teehee. ;)

So, I ordered a Dave Ramsey book. Seems like a pretty solid start to tackling this goal. (And, it seems that everyoneeee I talk to loves this guy.)

Again, if TPT were to ask me what I love, I'd totally say swimming and yoga.

But I'd love to do both more and consistently, not only to make my heart happy, but to really balance life outside of teaching.

Something about walking into a yoga studio or a swim practice with a slew of people in other professions makes me realize that little Johnny having a meltdown during Reading Workshop today really isn't so bad in the grand scheme of things.

So, I bought a yoga class pass and signed up for more swim team practices.

I also signed up for an online yoga camp with my favorite yoga instructor. I'd love to get so hooked on yoga that I do it daily.

I recently took a hand lettering class with my sister and LOVED it.

I want to practice more so that I feel confident enough to open an Etsy store and have a booth at a nearby monthly bazaar.

I love to menu plan and I love to cook almost every night of the week.

I mean, I rarely eat out.

I used to be so good at packing my lunches on Sundays.

And then December came and I slacked. 

I want to bring back the lunches!

I'm excited for more exploring in 2016!

More red wine, more hiking, and more cycling. Three things I'm horrible at, but want to try, fail, and try again until I get better. I want to explore foam rolling and podcasts. I also want to finallyyy finish my self-imposed tour of all the great local breakfast tacos.

Do we share any similar goals? Comment below, friends!